Yachtco Trademark Registration

We are happy to announce to the world that Yachtco is an officially registered trademark.

We filed for registration on the 4th of October, 2018, and received a notice from the Intellectual Property Office on the 6th of February, 2019, that our brand Yachtco was officially registered on the 2nd of February.

Any business has a trademark. It’s the way customers identify you. Our trademark differentiates our products from everyone else’s and encapsulates our values. It is one of our most valuable assets.

Our trademark is part of our intellectual property and is crucial to our success as a business.

Trademarks are signs used in trade to identify products.

Our trademark is the symbol our customers use to pick us out. It distinguishes us from our competitors. We protect and build upon our trademark by registering it.

Building the value of the Yachtco brand

A registered trademark is a way of representing the investment we make in our brand. This value can rise and fall, depending on market forces and the success of our company and its products. Our trademark can be audited; its value is part of our company’s assets.

One of the most valuable brands in the world today is Apple. It grew through the protection and development of its intellectual property: the trademarks, designs, copyright, and patents. We are doing the same thing.

Successful companies develop their Intellectual Property from day one. You don’t need to be big to innovate successfully— you just need to know how to grow.

The success cycle

Success breeds success. Innovative companies build portfolios of intellectual property rights, which protect and develop their competitive advantage. Their achievements and these rights benefit society at large.

Great brands start small. If you’ve got an idea and you’re serious about a business, you need a plan. You also need a trademark and should think about ways to protect and capitalise on your innovations.

Trademarks and brands

“It takes genius, faith, and perseverance to create a brand.”
David Ogilvy

The entire value of the Yachtco brand — our philosophy, values, know-how, staff, products, and intangible assets — is encapsulated in one symbol: our trademark.

Yachtco as a trademark that captures the essence of Yachtco brands and the energy, investment and know-how that goes into it. We’re serious about our brand, and that is why we developed our own trademark.

Intellectual Property

The concept behind intellectual property (IP) is straightforward and has been with us for a long time. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by IP.

Countries created their own trademark registration offices, recognising that trademark law and registers would facilitate trade by defining rights, limiting monopolies and clarifying the boundaries between marks.

The new trademark registers were designed to enhance business confidence and provide businesses with a fast and efficient way of resolving disputes. Trademark registration was not mandatory (and still isn’t), but for companies who wanted to expand, a registered trademark became an indispensable way of guaranteeing quality and building brands.

Let’s make some waves!

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A yachting platform where you can rent boats, find or post jobs, read or publish news, browse companies, and buy or sell used stuff.

A yachting platform where you can rent boats, find or post jobs, read or publish news, browse companies, and buy or sell used stuff.