Yachtco awarded with Qualified Token Issuer status

On March 29th, 2019, The Tokenization Standards Association from Switzerland, awarded Yachtco project with Qualified Token Issuer status.

BetterTokens February 2019 Update: Onboarding new Qualified Token Issuers: https://medium.com/@bettertokens/february-2019-update-onboarding-new-qualified-token-issuers-97611b195d1d

We are proud and honored to have a project and token that became a part of the best in the world.

The Tokenization Standards Association (TSA), operating under the brand name BetterTokens, carefully selects projects under clear guidelines. They set up industry standards, ensuring investor protection and help fighting fraud.

Setting up tokenization standards

BetterTokens develops due diligence standards for companies and individuals involved in tokenisation of assets, ensuring proper investor protection and compliance with applicable regulations.

Awarding TSA Qualified Issuer Status

An expert committee assesses token issuers’ projects and awards Qualified Issuer Status to those complying with relevant regulatory requirements. Qualified Issuers are identified on Waves DEX with a ticker.

Outsourcing review of tokens

BetterTokens cooperate with centralised and decentralised exchanges who are prepared to outsource the assessment of assets applying for listing to a qualified third party.

Engaging financial regulators

BetterTokens runs a work group dedicated to discussing trends, projects and new initiatives in the blockchain industry with regulators worldwide, including Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg, Slovenia and other nations.

Code of Conduct

Tokenization Standards Association set a standard amongst market participants in the blockchain industry when it comes to ethical values and professional standards. It’s mission is to establish and further develop due diligence standards for anyone engaged in the tokenization of assets and token generation events.

The Code of Conduct provides a clear statement of the ethical values and professional standards that all members and the Board of the Association and its employees are expected to follow as they work to achieve TSA’s mission.

Only by operating within this framework the Association’s and its members reputation for integrity and professionalism can be maintained and strengthened. The Association fully endorsest his Code and is committed to ensuring that its members, the Board, and employees operate within this framework in the business activities and the internal and external relationships.

A) Ethical Values

B) Professional Standards

You can read full Code of Conduct here: https://bettertokens.org/pdf/Code_of_Conduct.pdf

Tokenization Standards

In striving to uphold and improve the reputation of the global blockchain community, to effectively contribute to the protection of investors, to add to the integrity of the market,and with the intention of making an effective contribution to the development of the regulatory framework and best practices, the Tokenization Standards Association, as the industry association undertaking the safeguarding of the interest and reputation of the market participants, has issued the due diligence standards for persons engaged in the tokenization of assets and token generation events.

The scope of the Standards is determined in accordance with TSA’s articles of association and is defined by the following areas of application:

You can read full Tokenization Standard document here: https://bettertokens.org/pdf/Tokenization%20Standards.pdf

Qualified Issuer status

Projects that comply with BetterTokens standards:

About Yachtco

Yachting Marketplace and Charter Ecosystem directly connecting all leisure yachting participants: Guest, Fleet operators, Charter Agencies, Skippers and Hostesses, Website portals (OTAs), Boat owners, Marinas and mooring providers, Booking systems, Yacht builders and Boat investors.

Website: https://yachtco.io/
Whitepaper: https://yachtco.io/doc/yachtco-whitepaper.pdf/
Roadmap: https://yachtco.io/roadmap/
Company: https://yachtco.io/company-info/
MVP: https://yachtco.io/mvp-live-products/
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A yachting platform where you can rent boats, find or post jobs, read or publish news, browse companies, and buy or sell used stuff.

A yachting platform where you can rent boats, find or post jobs, read or publish news, browse companies, and buy or sell used stuff.