Some travelers are baffled when they receive an offer for a yacht rental, expecting it to be all inclusive. Yacht charter costs include yacht rental, fuel, insurance, maintenance and other travel expenses.

This is not the case and the price depends directly on the size of the yacht, the number of people on board and other factors. In this article, which summarizes all the options for saving, you can choose the best value for your money. Early booking and last call bookings can help you save up to 40–50% on your yacht charter costs for the first two weeks of your trip.

The charter company also adds the cost of the final cleaning and the comfort package to the price. Depending on the yacht, this varies between 170 and 400 euros, but on average it amounts to about 1,000 to 2,500 euros in the first two weeks of the trip. You will be kept in your bank account for 7 days and will receive a full refund if any damage is detected.

Depending on the yacht, you should expect 1,500 to 4,000 euros. When the hired captain works on board, he is responsible for his own safety and the safety of the crew and passengers.

Water prices start at 100 kuna (i.e. about 13 euros), and the tank should be returned to its original condition upon your return. If you plan to spend the whole week on an unfolded sail, a small amount of fuel could be helpful when you enter and leave the marina.

You can get a yacht license, which would help you save, but without it, you need an experienced captain.

The price depends on the size of the yacht, the number of people on board, the type of yacht and its size, and the price of fuel.

A holiday at sea is more seamless when there is help cooking the food, cleaning the cabin and taking care of the children. The daily fee for a hostess is 100–200 euros per day, while the cook charges 150–200 euros for the meal. A chef is a good choice if you are looking for a full-time chef with a high level of skill and experience in cooking.

If the weather is not favourable or a strong storm is imminent, it is recommended to stop at a protected marina. You can enter the marinas to refill your water tank before spending the night at anchor in a beautiful bay. The cost varies depending on the size of your boat and the number of people on board, as well as the type of boat you are sailing.

You can eat in restaurants, but if you want, you can also cook at home, where you will find a small, well-equipped galley. The responsibility for the food lies with you, as there is no crew on board, nothing fantastic, only good food. You should expect 70–120 euros per day, so set your budget and plan accordingly.

While you are on board, read the entertainment section of the yacht description and in this section you will also find a leash on board. Many charter companies have a wide range of entertainment options, such as music, video games, movies, books, music videos and much more. The most popular equipment is a computer, a television, an audiovisual system or even a video game console.

This is particularly relevant when small children or pets are on board, although it is not really necessary for adults, but can cause problems for some adults.

Tourists who cannot or do not want to leave their dogs or cats at home can in most cases take their pets on the yacht. The costs range from 50 to 130 euros per week and can be left on board for up to three weeks, with a maximum stay of two weeks at the same time.

An agreement must be made with the charter company and you must pay an amount of 150 to 200 euros per week for the service. As usual in restaurants, the crew is given a small tip in addition to the fees.

The amount is up to you.

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