We’re delighted to announce that the Yachtco project is now live as the pre-sale campaign has officially started.

The Yachtco Platform is designed as the ultimate solution to the issues plaguing both guests and yacht charter service providers: it is an ecosystem and a marketplace that allows all users to connect, plan sailing holidays efficiently and quickly, save money and participate in a dynamic community.

Yachtco is a platform that aims to join the entire yacht charter industry under one roof. Our end game is to disrupt the yacht charter industry as we know it — by becoming the biggest global yacht marketplace.

The Yachtco token is the central element of our system, integrating all components of the ecosystem and platform.

The tokens can be purchased with crypto (ETH, BTC, WAVES, ETC, BCH, ZRX, BNT, BNB, LTC, ZEC) and fiat (EUR, USD, YPJ, CAD, and GBP). Our pre-sale price, set at 0.10 EUR per token, applies to a limited quantity of 20 million tokens. The minimum amount to purchase is 2.000 EUR / 20.000 tokens.

In order to buy the tokens, you need to have the Waves wallet (the instructions can be found HERE). Should you have any questions while purchasing the tokes, contact us directly at info@yachtco.io.

Token owners get advantages at each stage of project implementation as per number of held tokens. Some Yachtco services are open for token owners on exclusivity conditions, and the operating fees will be charged depending on the number of owned tokens. For the rest of the clients, having no tokens, Yachtco will render services on standard conditions and rates. Depending on the number of tokens owned in the project ecosystem, each owner will be assigned one of the five statuses: Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum or VIP.

Yachtco token pre-sale

Referral programme
The Yachtco referral programme will allow all registered users to refer a Yachtco token sale through any online means and make profit out of their referral’s participation (they can receive 5% bonus if their referrals buy Yachtco tokens in our crowdsale).

Sign in to our referral program: https://yachtco.io/affiliate-register-page/

The bounty pool for our pre-sale campaign accounts to 400.000 Yachtco tokens.

Bounty and airdrop campaign
Our pre-ICO campaign also encompasses a bounty programme. Should you decide to spread the word about our project and receive the reward, here are some instructions and general rules to keep in mind.

How to join (on Facebook)

Share our posts from https://www.facebook.com/yachtcoworld/

Apart from Facebook, you can also participate in our bounty programme by using Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Reddit, etc. Read more HERE.

We have also allocated 10.000.000 Yachtco tokens, or 1% of all tokens, for our airdrop campaign.

For more information and details about Yachtco, download or read our whitepaper here → https://yachtco.io/doc/yachtco-whitepaper.pdf

As always, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us at info@yachtco.io and we will do our best to assist you.

Learn more about our company and our team here → https://yachtco.io/company-info/

And you can signup for regular news and updates here → https://yachtco.io/my-account/

Let’s make some waves!

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